Web Design

Clean, Professional, Modern Web Design & Development.

We can build single page websites suitable for events, blogs, portfolios, and more.  Depending on whether we do a template or custom design, prices range from $500 – $800+ CAD.

We most commonly build multi page websites, which typically includes pages like Home, About, Services, Gallery, and Contact page, for example.  Depending on whether we do a template or custom design, prices range from $800 – $2000+ CAD.

We can put together a powerful e-commerce solution for your business.  This allows you to start selling your products and services online!  Depending on whether we do a template or custom design, prices range from $1000 – $3000+ CAD.

We can build websites using prebuilt templates.  This means we can charge you less for the design and development – saving you money.  You can choose a template, or we can help find a good selection for you.

Template based designs range from $500 – $2000 CAD depending on the scale of the website.

Do you have a chosen website template, and simply need someone to install it for you?  Not a problem!  We are happy to provide a minimal amount of assistance to those who are fairly tech savvy.  If you are interested in getting help with any minor installation assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.

For those who have a higher budget, you can always opt for an entirely custom design.

We love building custom designs.  Send us your ideas, basic concepts, or solid outlines – and we will bring them to life!

If you can imagine it, we can probably create it.

Prices for a custom designs range from $800 – $3000+ CAD.

Need something special for your website?  Have an idea you would like to implement?  We can find a solution that provides extra functionality for your website.

We can add extra functionality to your new or existing website.

Prices depend on the complexity and scale.

Do you have an existing website, and want to make modifications?  Not a problem – we can do that.  We are happy to do a review of any existing websites you have and offer our advice regarding updates.  If you would like a quote on website modifications, please let us know!

We also provide regular maintenance such as software updates and backups.  We regularly manage website updates and backups for clients using WordPress.

If you are interested in general maintenance services, please feel free to get in touch!

Our Process

Depending on your budget, we provide two different approaches to your website design.

We build beautiful, modern websites.

Template Based Design

We can design your website using a pre-built template, saving you time and money. Choose a template of your own or talk to one of our developers if you are not sure.

Custom Design & Development

Have a unique design you would like to implement? We will craft a completely brand new website from scratch based on your concept.

Included Features

No matter the scale of your new site, we include all of the following features.

WordPress is a website framework that allows for easy updating and maintenance of your website.  It also allows for simple and affordable integration of extra functionality.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of traffic is from visitors using mobile devices.  We ensure all of our website builds are fully mobile responsive by testing them on various devices.

Quality Design

Serious emphasis on attention to detail is vital because your website is a reflection of your products and services.  You can expect a very high quality product.

SEO Setup

Your website must be prepared for search engine indexing.  After your website is built, we go through each page and assign the SEO meta tags.

Security Measures

Website security is essential.  We implement features that help keep your new website safe.  This includes brute force attack prevention, firewall setup and proper login procedures.

Cross Browser Tested

Before launching your new website, we test on multiple devices and browsers to ensure a seamless experience for visitors.

Speed Optimized

A high amount of WordPress plugins may impact website speed.  We combine and remove plugins, as well as use caching and compressing to optimize your website.

Our Portfolio

Our clients are very pleased with our work.  Click the images below for more detail, or download our pdf to view any time.

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A few items were created for The Coding Studio Inc. as a subcontractor.


Need a Quote? We'll send you one.


  • We are located in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.  We work with clients across Western Canada, as well as Eastern Canada and The US.

    Regarding communication – we keep in touch via email or phone to keep you updated on website progress.  We can also arrange Skype video calls.

  • Our prices can range from $500 – $3000+ CAD depending on the scale, complexity, and type of design (whether we use a template, or build it custom).

  • Nope!

    We have no hidden fees or charges.

    We do provide an optional maintenance plan for $12/month CAD, which includes the following:

    • Weekly website backup (all files)
    • Weekly WordPress website update (core, plugin, theme files)

    This keeps your website up to date and backed up – just in case.

  • For single page websites, we usually estimate 1-2 weeks.

    For multi page websites, we usually estimate 2-4 weeks.

    For large e-commerce or membership websites, we estimate 3-6 weeks or more, depending on scale.

  • Currently, we do not design logos.  However this is something we will be soon adding to our services.

    If you need help finding services for logo design, we are happy to point you in the right direction.  Get in touch.

  • We are experts at organizing and sorting your information.  Have a big mess of an existing website you need to get cleaned up?  No problem.

    After a good conversation over the phone we can help organize a good plan for prioritizing your website content, based on your business goals.

  • Sure!

    We’ll take a concept at any stage, and will implement it.  If a rough plan is what you’ve got to start with, it will work for us.

  • You bet!

    For those with a solid design plan they want to implement, we can do a Custom Design.  We will take your existing mockups and convert them to the real thing.  Let’s bring your new idea to life!

  • We can!

    We provide regular maintenance such as software updates and backups.  We regularly manage website updates and backups for clients using WordPress.

    If you are interested in general maintenance services, please feel free to get in touch!

  • We accept Interac E-transfers, Credit Cards (through PayPal), and cheque.

    New web design & development projects require a 50% deposit.

We’re a small group of techies who are inspired by beautiful design.

Our company is based in Lethbridge, located in the heart of Southern Alberta Canada.  Most of our client base is centred around Western Canada – however we also work with clients from Eastern Canada and the United States.

For over 3 years now, we have been working with small to large businesses – delivering everything from small portfolio sites to large e-commerce stores.

We have a passion for high quality work that delivers a lasting investment for individuals and companies alike.  We believe that an honest look at your current situation will yield optimal results.

Have any questions about our company?  Feel free to get in touch.

Spencer Haney – Lead Designer & Developer – info@spaney.ca  /  (403) 892-9060